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[Sticky] TurbAero's RV7T - Turbine RV7A

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Hello everyone.

TurbAero will be using this thread to detail the construction and modification of our RV7A kit to accept the TurbAero Talon 200hp turboprop engine.
We have decided to designate our aircraft as an RV7T with the “T” standing for Turbine.

We shall also be publicising the build in the form of a monthly video on our YouTube channel (find it at ). The first episode of the series will be released in the week after Oshkosh and thereafter, on or around the 01st of each month, detailing the progress that has been made during the previous month.

We will aim to add content to this thread regularly and will endeavour to interact as much as possible with participants and contributors to the thread.

Thanks in advance for your interest.

Dave Limmer
Founder TurbAero

Topic starter Posted : 31/07/2022 12:54 am
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We have recently released episode 2 of our RV7T build video series, Build An RV7T With Me, on YouTube.

We spoke to three experts with RV building experience and conducted an in-depth preliminary inspection of the project to determine whether we need to carry out any rectification work on what has been done to date on our RV7T. There are several areas where we intend to tidy up the work that’s already been done to bring it up to the standard that we aim to achieve for the project. There is also more detailed internal inspection work required to fully determine the extent of any potential rectification work. It is important that the foundation is right before we move ahead with the build.
Here's the link to the video, showing you some of the progress being made on the aircraft!
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