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[Closed] Frequently Asked Questions - TA200TP Talon Engine

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Q: What cruise power is available at X,000’?

A: Sea level - 200hp
    10,000' - 180hp
    20,000' - 140hp



Q: What is the ceiling for the engine?

A: 20,000'



Q: When will I be able to order a 200hp engine?

A: We intend to open the order book once we have a tangible product. That will be once the engine has run and once we can demonstrate full functionality and are able to verify performance specifications. 



Q: How much is your TA200TP 'Talon'?

A: We were targeting around $80k but the final price will very much depend on the completion of our testing program and finalization of our supply chain. There have been significant price rises in some of our components during Covid and we will not be able to get certainty from our suppliers until we are closer to production, and we actually place an order with them.

Topic starter Posted : 13/05/2022 4:49 pm