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Fuel and accessories

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I read your post on Jet A being the preferred fuel, but for a pilot like myself having flexibility in fuel such as, diesel, ULP and Kerosene would be a distinct advantage in a bush pilot flying around this huge land of ours here in Australia.

question 1: will you be designing in multi-fuel into your engine?

question 2: how will accessories be driven off the engine such as alternators for charging batteries and running modem glass avionics?


Topic starter Posted : 25/06/2022 12:35 pm
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Hi DavidJarman,

We agree that having flexibility in this area would be ideal. We are designing the provision to use alternatives to JetA fuel, but to what extent they may be used will need to be determined through testing.  Some may be short-term alternatives that may have no limitations other than a time limit, or there may need to be conditions imposed on the use of those fuels, i.e. fuel injectors to be inspected after x hours of use, or may require the use of anti-coking fuel additives.  Some alternatives such as pump diesel may offer either no or few limitations.  We shall provide more guidance in this area as we progress through the test regime.

The engine will come standard with an integral starter-generator unit.  We are aiming for 24v/100a capability from this generator.  We are looking into the option for a gearbox mounted alternator to supplement and provide redundancy to the main generator.


Posted : 27/06/2022 3:44 pm