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What is the “margin” for the engine?

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What is the maximum hp turn aero can squeeze out of this architecture? I understand that you want to satisfy the GA market because no one has successfully done it. What I don’t understand is that you are using the recuperator technology which is know for being heavy thus see seldom use in aviation, why utilize a heavy technology to make a “weak” engine? Down the line, how much power can you squeeze out of this current structure? Eventually your metallurgy would improve and you would be able to increase heat. How many stages can you add to this engine? You guys may have mentioned this in your other material but what type of compressor are you running on this engine?

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minhphambon, the addition of recuperator technology was decided upon by our engineers as being the best compromise between size, weight and efficiency for our intended applications - in this case, the trade-off of the additional size and weight was worth it for the improved efficiency of the engine. Despite this, the anticipated weight of 270lbs is still less than most comparable engines currently in production - and I think you'll be rather surprised at the size and sleekness of the package. A lot of the Talon's architecture should, in theory, be applicable to other engines we plan to offer in the future - including the 300hp model which we plan to develop after the Talon. Historically, larger/more powerful turbines have been easier to engineer, so we are looking forward to seeing what we can achieve with wider boundaries.

Regarding your last couple of questions, we will endeavour to get back to you further next week when we are all back in the office. On that note - I apologise for the delayed response as well. 

Do you intend to attend Oshkosh? If so, we would be happy to have you come by and visit us!

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Posted : 14/05/2022 7:53 pm
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Hello minhphambon. 

To address your last few questions, we do not consider our engine to be a "weak" engine.  When selecting a power for an engine design, the result is driven by the market.  200hp was selected to be our fist product in order to be an option for all those aircraft that currently use the O320/O360 family of engines.  We have scope within the existing architecture to increase our takeoff rating since our engine is derated.  However, with the existing materials and turbomachinery, 200hp is perfect for our engine.  As Alec mentions above, our next product will be a "stronger" engine i.e. more hp.

If we increase heat within the engine, we increase cost due to the requirement for more exotic materials.  We are actively and deliberately trying to contain costs by using conventional materials.  Also, there is no need for us to increase our pressure ratio by having multiple compressor stages.  Again this increases cost as well as complexity when it is not required.  The recuperator has limitations which make high pressure ratios undesirable.  Our single stage radial compressor is quite adequate for our needs.

The decisions to be made around pressure ratios, internal temperatures etc. all hinge on many factors.  We believe that we have settled on the optimum configuration to meet the mission requirements of the engine.

Thanks for your interest.

Posted : 24/05/2022 1:41 pm