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M20J FWF Engine Swap

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Has any Mooney service center shown an interest in this engine exchange option?

Topic starter Posted : 09/02/2022 2:13 am
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Hello Tom! Thank you for your enquiry.

No dedicated Mooney Service Center has yet indicated an interest to undertake an engine exchange program.

We have received enquiries from individuals and organisations that are not Mooney Service Centers to develop an STC to retrofit the Talon to existing airframes.  The same people have also indicated an interest to actually undertake the conversion, in addition to developing the STC.

At this point in time, TurbAero has the preference to assist qualified and experienced parties to develop the necessary STCs, but not lead on the development of those STCs. There are just too many aircraft types/models and we would rather that someone connected with that aircraft type/model undertake the STC process.

Posted : 09/02/2022 1:20 pm
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