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We're building a community

We are aviation enthusiasts!
We would like to hear your comments, questions, and feedback, and if you have one, we'd enjoy hearing about your aircraft project.
We're inclusive and welcoming.
We hope you are too.

TurbAero Forum Usage Policy

The below points comprise the TurbAero Forum Usage Policy. 

TurbAero engine-related discussion only, please

The purpose of this forum is to provide the TurbAero community with information, updates, and the opportunity to discuss TurbAero engines, our product support, our community, our company, and of course, the relevant aircraft that our engines will power. We ask that you please keep your posts relevant to these topics.  

Rules of the forum

The first and foremost rule is to have fun, and please enjoy and engage in the discussions!

We also have the following rules for using this forum:

  • No political commentary
  • No discriminatory language (this includes no racism, no sexism and no bullying of any kind)
  • No religious commentary
  • No advertising
  • No defamation - please ensure you can back up your claims and comments made on this website.
  • Please use this forum with respect for your fellow members


  • The posting of inappropriate content including images, videos, profile pictures or written material is prohibited on this forum and users will be banned if this rule is broken.
  • Do not infringe other people's copyright
  • Make sure you have permission to post images, written material and any other content you have not created yourself.
  • Never post the contents of private conversations without the other participants' approval.

Member usage

  • To minimize the impact of spammers, each members' first three posts will be sent to moderation and will need to be approved before appearing on the forum. After this, members' posts will appear in real-time. Please note that during this moderation period, users will not be able to post images or add attachments however, this will be possible after the first three posts have been approved. Thanks for your understanding of this process.
  • Please use the search function of the forum first to see if your comment or question has already been answered and please ensure you are posting in the most appropriate topic
  • Members are encouraged to report bad behavior and to report any posts or content they believe violates this Usage Policy.

Moderators and Administrators have the final say

  • TurbAero will monitor the forum and warn, suspend or ban members posting content that infringes this Usage Policy, and delete any posts or threads that it considers are not in the interests of the forum.
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